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Dr. Brent Moelleken - Board Certified Plastic SurgeonBrent Moelleken, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara. Double board certified, he received his training at Harvard University, Yale University, UCSF and UCLA...

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Dr. Brent Moelleken - Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


You deserve beautiful skin and thanks to modern skin care technology, the effects of aging caused by lifestyle, sun damage, genetics, and the environment no longer have to be accepted gracefully.  Today there are numerous facial rejuvenation options available for anyone who wants to treat skin problems from fine lines and wrinkles to acne scars and age spots.  Feeling good about your appearance changes how you live your overall life and at Neo Surgery Center, located in Beverly Hills, California, we are committed to helping you achieve the healthy, natural look you have always dreamed of.  Founded and Directed by double board-certified Dr. Brent Moelleken, M.D., F. A.C.S., Neo Surgery Center is excited to offer one of the latest sensations in peels: the VI Peel™.  Skin peels of varying descriptions have been used for thousands of years and according to historical accounts, ancient civilizations used masks composed of sour milk or wine residues to improve their appearance. Today, we may not use milk or wine but chemical peels remain a proven method to help regain a smooth, healthy complexion.

The VI Peel™ is much more patient friendly than the “no pain, no gain” peels of the past.  For years when it came to chemical peels, it was believed that to achieve good results you had to undergo painful procedures with prolonged recovery time also resulting in a higher risk of complications.   Many patients simply did not have the time to overcome the overwhelming limitations and the VI Peel™ was created for those who want more visible results than lighter peels offer without committing to the side effects and downtime of deeper peels.  Of course there will always be a need for the more complicated procedures such as laser resurfacing and facelifts but the “no downtime” treatments are extremely popular in today’s busy world because they help you improve your appearance without interrupting your daily routine.  Chemical peels are solutions such as alphahydroxy acids (AHAs), trichloracetic acid (TCA), and Amino acid Filaggrin-based Antioxidants (AFAs) that are applied directly to your skin. These chemicals induce a controlled type of tissue reaction that exfoliates the outer layers of your skin (epidermis) allowing it to become more absorbent to nutrients.  During a peel, your skin is treated with a chemical solution targeted to a specific skin type.  This solution causes your skin to blister and peel, making the process similar to a controlled sunburn with no harmful UV radiation.  By varying the amount of chemical applied, you can get different depths of peel while using the same chemical agents. A superficial peel addresses only the outer layers of your skin while a medium peel results in deeper penetration achieved with a variety of chemicals. The VI Peel™ facial peel is a strong, light to medium chemical peel composed of a unique blend of synergistic ingredients that can be used on all skin tones and textures.  Using the combined efforts of Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA), Salicylic Acid, Phenol, Retinoic Acid, Vitamins, and Microelements, the VI Peel™ provides significant improvement to problem and damaged skin.  The VI Peel™ stimulates new skin epithelial growth and collagen remodeling giving your skin a beautiful glow. Although a VI Peel™ will help you regain your youthful radiance, it is not a procedure that will just make you look young.  The VI Peel™ is a dream come true for people who have sun-damaged skin and is beneficial in removing pre-cancerous skin growths.

The VI Peel™ tackles skin problems at the cellular level, and will help:

  • Erase Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Shrink Enlarged Pores
  • Build Collagen and Elastin to Tighten Your Skin
  • Eliminate Hyperpigmentation (Including Melasma)
  • Correct Skin Defects
  • Treat Facial Scarring
  • Remove Sun and Age Spots
  • Control Acne
  • Decrease Uneven Tone
  • Increase Luminosity and Radiance
  • Decrease Blemishes
  • Improve the Texture and Clarity of Your Skin
  • Reduce Freckles
  • Stimulate New Collagen Production
  • Tighten and Tone Your Skin

Safe on a wide range of skin tones, VI Peel™ benefits can be achieved anywhere that sun damage or aging has occurred.   Peels are most commonly performed on the face and neck although the upper chest, shoulders, hands, arms, and legs can also be treated depending on the type of peel that is used.  The VI Peel™ is incredibly effective in eliminating the wrinkles associated with sun damage on the décolletage.

The only “Seven-day Skin Transformation System” in the world, a simple 3-4 minute VI Peel™ application produces dramatic results.    Most patients typically see improvement after one treatment however, depending on the severity of the skin condition multiple treatments may be required to achieve optimal results.  VI Peel™ procedures should be performed in a series of facial treatments 3-4 times a year to help reverse and prevent the signs of aging and sun damage on the skin.  When performed correctly, the outcome from a VI Peel™ is comparable to results obtained with a medium chemical peel.

Downtime is minimal, typically 2-3 days, and your skin will be healthy-looking within one week.  After a VI Peel™, many patients notice that their skin appears flushed or tan, which is normal and subsides shortly after the procedure.  Your skin will have a slightly red appearance and over the next two days it will feel slightly tighter and look tanned.  The peeling process often begins within two to four days and can last up to one week.  The skin peeling, in most cases, is a light peel and the first signs will be noted in the most sensitive areas around your mouth and the corner of your eyes.  With any peel, sunscreen use is very important since you are initially much more sensitive to harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. You will receive a post peel kit with products specifically designed to work with the VI Peel™ and to calm your skin during the post treatment process.  In some cases, the peel is virtually invisible and generally finished by day seven with substantial results.

The VI Peel™ is guaranteed to be finest peel you have ever experienced.  The unique blend of ingredients produces powerful results with no pain, no skin preparation, and very little downtime.  The VI Peel™ is a quick, in-office procedure that is virtually pain-free and it works amazingly in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures.  Whether it is the skin on your face, chest, hands, or other areas that you want to improve, call today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Moelleken to see if the VI Peel™ is right option for you.  Neo Surgery Center believes that thoroughly maintained skin complete with regular peels and proper product use will give you a healthy, youthful appearance that will last a lifetime.  The VI Peel™ is an exciting breakthrough; offering a “true repair” rendering other facial skin peels obsolete.  There is no reason to wait another day to enjoy the superior results of beautiful, glowing skin in just one week.

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