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Dr. Brent Moelleken - Board Certified Plastic SurgeonBrent Moelleken, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara. Double board certified, he received his training at Harvard University, Yale University, UCSF and UCLA...

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Dr. Brent Moelleken - Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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Dr. Moelleken realizes that having any surgical procedure is a personal, serious, and a sometimes-frightening experience and his unique approach to patient care is obvious from your first consultation to the unparalleled attention provided during your follow-up services.  He recognizes that plastic surgery is an important decision that will change your life and that is why he created Neo Surgery Center: a compassionate facility committed to providing excellence in plastic surgery and reconstructive procedures.  Whether you are considering breast surgery, body sculpting, any other cosmetic or skin care treatment or procedure, Dr. Moelleken offers expertise in all areas of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures.

Dr. Moelleken’s highly professional and knowledgeable staff is aware that patients need accurate information, skilled care, close personal attention, and they want you to feel as relaxed as possible.  Neo Surgery Center has a deep understanding of the important role that physical image plays in your life and Dr. Moelleken integrates both your body and mind to help you achieve the results you desire.   At Neo Surgery Center, we will listen carefully to all of your concerns and expectations before recommending the sound medical steps necessary to achieve the physical enhancements you desire.  From the moment you enter our doors, you will be welcomed and supported by the experts at Neo Surgery Center and our private, state-of-the-art facility is conveniently accessible to all California residents and beyond.  At Neo Surgery Center, we pride ourselves on meeting stringent guidelines to ensure patient safety and surgical excellence so call today and schedule your complimentary consultation.

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